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Join the MyClimb Community & Kick it up a Notch! We feature a global, community-oriented rock climbing app for climbers of all levels and it's free! Our MyClimb app enables you to record your climbing, see your progress and keep in touch with your friends and the worldwide climbing community in a fun, motivating environment.


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Since our opening day on October 28th, 2014...

• MyClimb members have logged over 200,000 climbs.
• MyClimb members from 71 different countries have logged climbs.
• Climbs have been logged in over 995 total different areas.
• Climbs have been logged from over 654 different climbing gyms.
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Motivate Your Climbing By Logging In

Here at MyClimb, we understand how important it can be to log and record climbs. Logging can improve motivation, reduce injury, and record personal levels of achievment.

Keeping a long-term climbing log, also allows a climber to realistically evaluate their ascents and failures which will facilitate a higher rate of success. 

For example: If you aspire to climb your first 5.10a, you should first build a foundation of endurance and technical skill on lower level climbs. With a strong intent to improve footwork and proper movement,  a climber is less likely to injure a shoulder, elbow, or tendon.  - Read More...


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