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Join the MyClimb Community & Kick it up a Notch! We feature a global, community-oriented rock climbing app for climbers of all levels and it's free! Our MyClimb app enables you to record your climbing, see your progress and keep in touch with your friends and the worldwide climbing community in a fun, motivating environment.

MyClimber Interview with Christopher Moffitt

Age: 40 - Country: U.S.A.
Q: What are your climbing goals?
My current goals are to Move up to 5-12 indoor Lead climbing. Also move to Outdoor sport climbing. Trad interests me as well.

Q: Most memorable climbing experience?
I think my most memorable Climbing experience was Learning to climb in the Mid 1980s when i was 14. It was with a Noals instructor that was hired to take my well off friend and I where ever we wanted for 2 weeks for outdoor adventures. We stopped in City of Rocks Idaho and Learned basic Trad skills. - Read More... - See More Interviews... - See More on Gym Routes...

MyClimber Interview with Alexander Furneaux

Age: 21 - Country: Canada
Q: What are your climbing goals?
    Recently, I’ve been trying to work on improving my technique on overhanging routes which I’ve always found pretty challenging. Long-term my hope is to get some trad climbing in with my brother who also climbs. Maybe we’ll make a trip out of it - I’ve got some friends who are doing a road trip across the U.S and Canada climbing wherever they stop which to me would be my ideal way to experience the West Coast when I eventually make it out there. - Read More... - See More Interviews... - See More on Gym Bouldering...

MyClimber Interview with Nat Chittamai

Age: 29 - Country: Thailand
Q: What are your climbing goals?
My climbing goal now is to feel more comfortable with 5.11+ lead climbing.
Q: Most memorable climbing experience?
I went to climb at Reimers, Austin TX, last month with friends and it was so much fun. We are going back there again next month! - See More Interviews... - See More on Gym Routes...

MyClimber Interview with Alexandra Kaminska

Age: 35 - Country: Poland
Q: How did you start climbing?
 I don't remember exactly. Just one day me and my friend started going on the climbing gym. After 6 years break, I decided that it is time to start again, and again with the same friend. Now I'm much more involved into climbing. - See More Interviews... - See More on Gym Routes...

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La Sportiva 'Futura' - Shoe Review!

‘The La Sportiva, ‘Futura’ is by far the most exciting high performance shoe that I have yet reviewed.’

As the temperatures began to drop in Eldorado, Colorado last October, I was fortunate enough to sneak away for several solo bouldering sessions. For years, I have been greatly blessed to boulder in this canyon. The solitude, the struggles, every inch gained has been a personal memento. My bent is to wake well before the break of dawn, stuff my pockets full of Kale and to hike into bouldering area’s wearing a headtorch. - See More Reviews... - See More on Gym Bouldering...

MyClimb Project #2: 'Northern Traverse'

in Joshua Tree, California - Rock

Nov. 7th, 2015 - Team: Lou Renner, Bill Brooks, Stuart Brooks, Aaron Nelson, Krista Curtis, Richard Lozon & Maggie Hellmann.
Goal: 50 crags, 15,000 ft+, 150 pitches, 50 rappels - grade to be determined.

From November 7th to November 20th, four MyClimb members (Bill Brooks, Maggie Hellmann, Stuart Brooks, Lou Renner) plan an attempt to make an enchainment of 50 crags in the Indian Cove Area of Joshua Tree. The traverse will begin with the most eastern crags and head true north. - See More Projects... - See More on Trad Climbing...

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Since our opening day on October 28th, 2014...

• MyClimb members have logged over 200,000 climbs.
• MyClimb members from 71 different countries have logged climbs.
• Climbs have been logged in over 995 total different areas.
• Climbs have been logged from over 654 different climbing gyms.
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Motivate Your Climbing By Logging In

Here at MyClimb, we understand how important it can be to log and record climbs. Logging can improve motivation, reduce injury, and record personal levels of achievment.

Keeping a long-term climbing log, also allows a climber to realistically evaluate their ascents and failures which will facilitate a higher rate of success. 

For example: If you aspire to climb your first 5.10a, you should first build a foundation of endurance and technical skill on lower level climbs. With a strong intent to improve footwork and proper movement,  a climber is less likely to injure a shoulder, elbow, or tendon.  - Read More...


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