“We have invested all of our experience in making the best mobile app for climbers”

Bill Brooks

about about
  • 2010

    An idea is born

    Idea of an app connecting all the climbers worldwide is born

  • 2014


    An app connecting the global climbing community is released on both iOS & Android!

  • late 2014

    First Updates

    Among many updates we added two new climbing disciplines

  • 2015

    100,000 climbs logged

  • 2016

    100,000+ downloads

  • 2017

    Used in 100+ countries

  • 2018

    React Native Launch

    Replatformed app into React Native a state of the art coding language

  • 2018

    1M+ climbs logged

  • 2019


    Created workouts that climbers can participate in to improve their climbing

  • 2020

    Climbing leagues

    Gyms can run climbing leagues in MyClimb app

  • 2021


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We believe
Climbing is for Everyone!

We're all climbers! Whether you've just started or you've been a climber your whole life - you're welcome in the MyClimb Community!

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Why MyClimb?

The initial idea to create a climbing community, that values all types of climbing and at all levels, was planted when I was 20 years old, after I went on my first climbing road trip.

On my trip, I met so many climbers who had a variety of climbing experiences, from people who mostly climbed in the gym, to people who lived at the crag and climbed outside all of the time.

We were all connected by the fact, that all of us were very passionate about climbing!

I returned home thinking how great it would be to stay connected to all of my new friends and also to keep up with how their climbing was going.

This desire for connection was the seed that led to creating the MyClimb Community, a place where climbers can connect and share their passion for climbing.